Record Your Demo
Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, Session Musician & Engineer all under one roof.   
Custom-made Backing Tracks
& Audition Tracks
With a massive collection of superior virtual instruments, I can create the perfect track for your next performance one note at a time.
Remixing & Mastering
Have you completed a mix but it still doesn't have that commercial quality polish and punch? Send me your files and bring your music to life.  
Music Transcription
From creating original music to modifying existing music, I use the latest in scanning and notation software to get music in your hands, in the perfect key.
Arranging & Composition
My experience with arranging and composing ranges from solos and small groups to instrumental band charts for a full band.   
Create Your Voice-Over Reel
Are you ready to use your voice to book work? You're going to need a professional reel showcasing your unique voice and talent.
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