No two voices are the same, therefore my teaching style is flexible for all voice types and skill levels. The vocal chords are muscles like any other and together we will create a 'workout plan' that will both strengthen your voice and expand your vocal range.

Most importantly, singing should be fun! Technique is imperative but great singing comes when you can trust that you've done the work and just let go.

- Scott Pearson



I've been at the piano since I was 8 years old. I can honestly say it's the most important and rewarding musical skill I possess.

You dont have to be a child to start learning piano, becoming a pianist can start at any age! In fact, most adults are often thrilled at how fast they excel. I love sharing my passion for all things piano. Come play!


- Scott Pearson



Together we will bring out the dynamics of any audition to keep you in the spotlight. Whether it's your audition for that revered college, a final Broadway callback or your first audition ever.


- Scott Pearson