Recording Studio

Record your project in a studio that is designed and ready to accommodate you! Soundproofed by Daimon Soundproofing in NYC coupled with a full Auralex acoustic treatment.  

Studio Services

Tracking, Mixing, Mastering plus a session pianist all under one roof. Go from concept to completion without any need for outsourcing.

Remixing & Mastering

Remixing & Mastering

Have you completed a mix but it still doesn’t have that commercial quality polish and punch? Send me your files and I’ll deliver you a mix that dynamically brings your music to life.

Voice Over Reel

Voice Over Reel

Create your professional Voice Over reel and start getting paid to do what you love! We will custom craft your reel using the best parts of what makes you an individual artist and make sure you shine from top to bottom.

Convenience with Results

Take your recordings to the next level by combining coaching and recording. After a great coaching session artists are often brimming with confidence and inspiration. Diving directly into a recording session can be a great way for artists to get fantastic recordings while still retaining the detail and nuance obtained from the recent coaching session.

Custom-made Backing Tracks

Custom-made Backing Tracks

Custom made tracks created from the ground up using my extensive collection of instruments amassed over almost 20 years of producing music professionally.

Music Transcription, Arranging & Composition

Music Transcription, Arranging & Composition

From creating original music from scratch to modifying existing sheet music, I use the latest in scanning and notation software to get music in your hands, in your perfect key. My experience with arranging and composing ranges from solos and small groups to instrumental band charts for a full orchestra.

Recording Studio FAQs

I require a 2 hour minimum to book a session. 

Sorry. Not at this time.

I’m always happy to play piano on a session. If you want or need additional musicians, I will recommend quality players.

Studio projects range wildly in their scope and difficulty. Reach out today and let’s talk about your individual needs.

Gladly! I’m an Avid based studio using ProTools for editing audio and Media Composer for video. I use a pair of Apollo interfaces coupled with their additional internal expansion card. For a complete list of plugins, gear and instruments please reach out today!

I worked closely with Daimon Soundproofing in New York City to treat the room from the ground up.

  • Fully insulated decoupled floor
  • Total room Auralex acoustic treatment with ceiling cloud
  • Soundproof glass with custom framing
  • Soundproof and blackout curtains

No. All studio sessions are scheduled outside the website through me directly.